Overall, social media can really impact who you truly are as a person. It helps you find out things you didn’t even know about yourself. But it can also pull you away from the truth.


Online Identity vs Real Life Identity

From experience, and other people telling me about their experience, I can tell you that for more people than less, it’s easier to talk to people online versus real life. For example, you don’t know how to talk to girls, you choke every time you speak to them at school but, when you get home you log on and you are invincible. There is something about non face to face interaction that makes talking so much easier. Also, it’s easier to share who you are with people online because it’s easier to find people like you. But, for some people, talking in real life is no issue for people, like my group of friends and I.


Others Making a Fake Identity For You

Unfortunately, other people’s negativity can really affect your identity, you are trying to find out who you are through social media but everyone around is bringing you down, and if everyone else is being negative, many people would hop right on that train. You finally found out who you are, but you just post unnecessary sad things about yourself. Slowly this becomes who you are and then the real you is worse than who you were before.

Making a Negative Identity

Trying to fit in is huge for other people. They have that one thing that separates them from a crowd but, that one thing is “socially unacceptable”. Your not going to out that one thing down on your Twitter biography. For Example, say my peers are all metal heads (lovers of heavy metal music) and I love Drake. In that case, I’d want to fit in with the metal heads. The following example will be two fake Twitter biographies, one that doesn’t show my real identity (wanting to fit in) and one that shows my real identity.



Other People’s Positive Identity

Other people online can affect who you and what you like very much (in a good way). You could be in some ransoms persons Facebook page and see a band you have never heard of ok their profile; you could look that band up and realize you love them. Eventually that band can slightly change you with their music if you are passionate enough. For example; if I didn’t know who Freddie Mercury was, wouldn’t be affected by him, but if I saw my buddy share Queens music on Facebook, I would check it out. I would slowly start to love Queen and since I love them so much, I could start following what Freddie Mercury lives by instead of what I lived my before I found out who Queen was. That positively changes my identity through someone on social media I scrolled by.


Making Your Own Positive Identity

The Internet provides you to make a positive identity for yourself because social media websites allows you to shape who you are. You can show people the person you are by clicking links. You can share what makes you, you with other people. For example, tumblr helps you organize your interests (the interests making up your online and offline identity), in a great way for people to see.